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Mirror, Mirror on the wall. . . Is more than just a quote from a famous fairy tale. It describes our search for self esteem and that essence of ourselves which is the most authentic measure of who we are. When Alice went through the looking glass she learned how life changing the mirror of ourselves could be.

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Information: “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall”. . .
Zaps Emotional Pain!



                               Michael George Phillips Shows How His Miracle
                                Mirror Helps People Deal With Emotional Pain.

A SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Researcher has finally come up with a new way to beat depression and emotional pain, and it’s all done with Mirrors!  Michael George Phillips works with clients as they gaze into a mirror, the client looks directly into their eyes, one at a time, while holding their arm out level with the shoulder, as if pointing away from the body. “Clients will not be able to hold their arm up in front of the mirror if they still have unfinished anger or regret locked in the matter of the body. It’s that accurate!” Michael says.

His clients seem to agree. Within seconds they can feel the strength in their entire body and their arm either drain or stay strong. His clients rave about the technique and say it’s amazing and they can feel shifts in their attitude and behavior almost immediately. The method is called New Decision Therapy and is relatively simple, yet profound.

 New Research has concluded that painful life experiences can imprint in the body even after the mind has dismissed or repressed them. Letting go at the mental level is only the beginning says Phillips, there is a “Last Straw” effect when a person will take only so much stress before going into a state of overwhelm. At that point decision is made to give up, go along to keep the peace or pretend that something did not happen. You might say “Oh! Who cares?” and move on just to cover the hurt and pain. You are not living your truth and the event gets buried deep in the memory of the body.

 This research further indicates that your body may seek balance be giving you signals; it can talk to you by way of your behavior. For example, a client we’ll call “Kendra” was evicted from five different apartments in a three year period. Each time not seeing the same repeated pattern. She did not believe that she was creating this for herself. It was always someone else’s fault. She wondered why this was happening to her.

 Looking into the mirror, she suddenly remembered how her mother used to punish her when she was nine years old. On more than one occasion her Mother would drive her out to the desert at night and kick her out of the car as the mother Faked driving away. Kendra, with tears in her eyes screaming “Mommy don’t leave me, PLEASE!”  This was something she had repressed/forgotten over the years.

 Kendra said that she was impressed during the mirror session and believes that it triggered a major flash of insight. She was recreating getting kicked out of her apartments, as a way of unconsciously remembering that old pain. That truth shook her to the core. She got the connection - She saw by way of the mirror how events from the past influence mind and body, sometimes turning into life defeating patterns that can ruin the quality of one’s life.

 “The insights you get from yourself with this technique are so clarifying and amazing” she says. “People today are tired of being analyzed; they just want to get fixed!” She had previous talk therapy on and off for years and after one 20 minute session in front of the mirror, she believes has let go of the pain and has not been evicted (as of this writing – for five years). She feels happy and ready for what life has to offer.

The eyes are the window to the soul Kendra says. With the help of this new tool it is possible to free yourself from past unconscious behavior allowing for a new decision to live your life to the fullest.

 Michael George Phillips developed his innovative technique from the combined works of Diamond/Blakley. The New Decision technique is cutting edge research and can be applied to oneself after a basic workshop, a time and money saver.

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Here are a few more reasons why you might use NEW DECISION THERAPY:
anxiety, bereavement, breakup therapy, childhood trauma, depression, grief, relationship headaches, mental health, physical assault trauma, re-birthing,trauma healing... 

New Decision Therapy can also be used with:
hands-on healing, medical professionals who want to add the missing mental / emotional component to healing, mental health professionals, nurse practitioners, Reiki, Young Living aromatherapy oils...