"I know lots of people who could use this technique and live the life they want."

3.  I had my hearing restored by Michael’s Magic Mirror! I was deaf from early childhood and in one 20 minute mirror session my hearing returned to normal. I really do have a New lease on life. Please tell everyone that this tool is gentle AND powerful. You don’t even have to believe it works. It worked on me and I’m glad it did!   -
Margret - Livingston  MT

4.  I invited Michael to teach a class in my San Jose Home in California. We walked into the living room that had close to 40 different seminar certificates on the wall of classes and seminars that I had taken. He turned around and looked at me and said, “WOW! what do you need me for when you have all of this? I’ve only had two years of City College”  I said I just love learning!  He said, “Well, do you do anything with all this stuff that you’ve learned?”  And I said, “Well, actually, no I don’t.” This surprised him completely, because I seemed so capable to him. We did Mirror Work based on the belief I had to be the “perfect daughter” to get my Father to love me. This perfectionism, translated into if I taught these classes; I’d also have to live up to the stuff that I taught. -

I didn’t think that I could perfect all that knowledge put it into practice. I believed all this stuff my entire life, so all I did was collect 40 certificates without doing ANY of them until I finally realized the jail sentence I had given myself about having to be perfect.  After my NDT session, I started teaching the different classes that I had gotten certificates for. I also gave up the idea that I had to be the perfect daughter for myself or my father. -

5.New Decision Therapy doesn't work thought Kaylyn, when she got back home. Everyone kept asking her, What’s wrong with you? Several people asked her this. A third person asked, Are you okay?

Kaylyn said, I’m fine! What do you mean, “What’s wrong?” And they said, well, you’re so different. She says, No I’m not, nothing has happened. They said, Oh yes it has…you’re so…centered…you’re so soft.

Kaylyn says at least 4 different people told her this, all in one day. She also said that she noticed her eyes were more moist and relaxed than ever before and her eyes seemed to change to the same size. She always had one eye that was a little larger than the other. This effect lasted 5 weeks until she had a big blow-up with her husband…....Her eyes went back to dry almost immediately after the argument. She had originally worked with NDT on her father issues. It seems apparent now she needs to do it again for her husband. -

1.  My whole life I’ve never had an ounce of self-confidence. After my mirror session, I finally had the nerve to challenge my pay scale at work and asked for a raise. I had worked there over 10 years saying to myself, “I’m ready for a raise, I deserve to be happy. I just can’t continue at this pay rate!” Although I keep hoping for 10 years, afraid to speak my truth. I had a feeling I'd catch some attitude from higher ups. Sure enough,  after lunch my Boss wanted to see me. To my surprise he gave me a big hike in salary, saying “We would have given you a raise earlier, if you asked us, but we just figured you were a already satisfied.” I took the increase and soon got another job at an even higher salary. Thanks Michael. Your mirror has changed my life. -

Chyla – Altadena California

 2.  Michael - Please Tell everyone not to wait to get their  “Will to live” fixed.

I was in a physically abusive relationship for 40 years. Friends, family, police, all begged me to leave for my own good. In the mirror I had a flash that in childhood I was isolated and sent to my room for the slightest infraction. I was a VERY lonely child. I also made the connection that I’d rather put up with the pain of being beaten, than to be alone.

I must say that looking in the mirror for that intense session did something to me. I believe I saw my twin or real self? Is that possible? All I know is that I’ll never be alone and it feels safe and wonderful.Oh! By the way, I remember that you said not to make any decisions and plans for three days after the seminar. When I got home my husband saw a radiance in my face when I walked in.

Usually he would start in on me whenever I wore a smile. This time he remarked “What’s wrong with you?”  I paused a second and before I could answer he said, “You’re gonna leave me, aren’t you? I can see it in your face!” Michael, It seems that a thousand pound weight has been lifted from my shoulders. With the help of the mirror my self-esteem is stronger than it’s ever been. I am NOT with the abuser any longer. Hooray!  I’ve forgiven him and my parents, and my will to live is healthy and strong. Thanks.

Christine - Alberta  -

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