“My experience has taught me that people are tired of getting analyzed, going to groups, and living in denial. What they really want is to be healed & go on with their lives!”

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TIME ALONE CAN NOT HEAL THE Memories or experiences so painful that we long ago push them out of our conscious minds. If these memories continue to haunt us and cause emotional and spiritual problems that cannot successfully be dealt with in the usual form of counseling. These memories in our subconscious must be treated with a special kind of spiritual therapy known as memory healing. This form of counseling focuses the healing power of forgiveness on the root of the problem, a source that the individual must face consciously again. 

Using New Decision Therapy, Michael Phillips shows how this new tool can free you from the tyranny of painful memories, which affect your behavior and spiritual growth. Pastors and counselors will discover when and how to use this form of therapy.

New Decision Therapy guided memory recall process of forgiveness for emotional healing. Free seminars. Ask us how. See video.

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